Vivek Mahbubani

New media designer and developer

“Hey there, I'm Vivek!”

Welcome to my online portfolio showcasing new media works such as web site designs, graphic designs and various others.

You might be wondering, who is Vivek Mahbubani? I'm a Hong Kong-based, award-winning new media designer who programs, too (a programming artist?!). I specialize in web design and development (both HTML and Flash-based) as well as graphic design.
I've worked on projects alone and also collaborated with other designers and programmers from Hong Kong (I'm fluent in English and Chinese) as well as overseas.

I love the Internet so much that I strive to make it better, which is why I'm an advocate of web site design and accessibility standards and best practices. You'll see this put into action in my recent web site design projects as well as throughout my online portfolio.

Enough about me, did you have something to say? I'd love to hear it!

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