Vivek Mahbubani

New media designer and developer

“A natural evolution of my work”

The following is a list of projects I've done that may interest you.

They range from small to medium enterprises as well as my working as an ad-hoc web designer/developer for larger companies that just need an extra hand for a project.

Much like a hair dresser enjoys cutting different hairstyles on different heads, I enjoy working with a wide variety of project types, so I'm always ready to listen to what dream idea you have, you never know, it may be easier than you think! :)

Colorful + Complex

TakeOut Comedy Club, Hong Kong Classic Car Club Underground Music Events City University of Hong Kong College of Science and Engineering

Clean + Simple

8Five2 Street Wear Ron Yue Photography Mata-Hari Bags Smalto-Timepieces

Bold + Informative

Ratan JewellersManta Ray of Hope Documentary Gleeson World of Music Be the Change

Personal sites

Hai Tien Art Portfolio Basil Pao Portfolio Vivek Mahbubani - Comedian Website Dillon & Company

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